How to Add Bright to the WAF Allowlist

This section provides information on how to add Bright to the WAF allowlist. For instructions, go to the necessary WAF type below, and then click the link to access the document.

Reblaze WAF

To add Bright to the allowlist, add Bright IP addresses as Bypass and add an OC policy according to the ACL Policies guide.

AKAMAI WAF, AKAMAI V2, Trellix and Akamai Collaboration

To modify an API Client IP allowlist for BrightSec, follow the instructions under the links below.

Cerber WP

The IP Access List (ACL) enables the users to restrict access to the WordPress admin dashboard, and vital WordPress features, and protect login and registration forms from access by unwanted computers and bots. For information on how to use the IP Access Lists, see Using IP Access Lists to Limit Access and Protect WordPress.


This WAF doesn't have ACL. For instructions on adding Bright to the Siteguard allowlist, see How to Limit Access to Website During Development.

Cloudflare CF-RAY, Cloudflare DNS WAF

Access Control Lists (ACLs) define allowed source IP addresses from where servers accept incoming data or control messages. For details, see the links below.

To add Bright to the Cloudflare allowlist, see Adding Bright DAST to the Allowlist on Cloudflare.


BlockDOS WAF has a cookie policy. Cookies consist of portions of code installed in the browser that assist the Owner in providing the Service according to the purposes described. For details on BlockDOS WAF Cookie Policy see Cookie Policy.


For adding IP address to the allowlist for Brightsec, see IP Address Whitelist.

OpenResty Lua WAF

lua-resty-waf is distributed with a number of rulesets that are designed to mimic the functionality of the ModSecurity CRS. For more information about rules, see lua-resty-waf - High-Performance WAF Built on the OpenResty Stack.

A10 Thunder

access-list extended: Configure an extended Access Control List (ACL) to permit or deny traffic based on source and destination IP addresses, IP protocol, and TCP/UDP ports. For details, see ACOS 1.0 Documentation - Access-List Extended.

BulletProof Security Pro

BulletProof Security Pro has a cookie policy. For information on how cookies are used on, the options for controlling the use of cookies, and what cookies are used, see Bulletproof cookie Policy.


Nemesida has a personal pane where administrators can set up correct rules. The appropriate sections are Add new user and Unlock Request functionality. For more information, see Nemesida WAF Cabinet.


The following link provides an easy way to set up the allowlist based on IP addresses: How to whitelist an IP address in ModSecurity.

Gocache WAF

You need to add the BrightSec IP address to ACL. For documentation, see Customização do WAF.



The original documentation is in Portuguese. Please use Goolge translate to translate the page.

Imperva, Incapsula

For setting up Imperva Web Protection (Security Settings and ACL for Brightsec), see the documentation below.


APM® access control lists (ACLs) restrict user access to host and port combinations that are specified in access control entries (ACEs). An ACE can apply to Layer 4 (the protocol layer), Layer 7 (the application layer), or both. Layer 4 or Layer 7 ACL is used with network access, application access, or web access connections. For details, see Configuring Access Control Lists.


For instructions on adding Bright to the AWS WAF allowlist, see AWS CloudFront.