Uploading an Archive

nexploit-cli archive:upload [options] <file> uploads a HAR or OAS file to the Bright storage.

If an archive with that name already exists, the following error message displays – The file with that name already exists or the HAR file is corrupted.



If you plan to run a scan using an OAS file, you must specify a different discovery option by setting the
--discovery to OAS.


Argument Description
<file> A collection of your app http/websockets logs exported into a HAR file. Typically, you can use any browser's dev tools, NeuraLegion's browser extension or a Cypress plugin to generate them. In addition, you can use an OAS file that describes your public API.


Option Description
The unique identifier used to authenticate a user. The token (API key) can be issued in your organization's dashboard.
The specification type, which helps determine the best way to parse passed files.

Default: --type har
When true, removes an archive from the cloud storage after the scan finishes running.

Default: --discard true
Extra headers to be passed with the OAS/Postman file. Also, it can be used to remove a header by providing a name without content. For example, -H "Host:".

Warning: Headers set with this option override the archive headers and are set in all requests.
Environment variables passed with the Postman file.
--config=pathToConfig Specifies the path to the configuration file. By default, the CLI tries to discover the config in package.json in the root directory of your application or a separate file by a specified name in the working directory. For details, see Configuration Files for more information.
Allows setting the level of logs to report. Any logs of a higher level than the one specified are shown. The options to select : 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, "silent", "error", "warn", "notice", "verbose".

Default: 3
--cluster Bright cluster (domain name).

--insecure Allows the Nexploit CLI to proceed and operate even if the server connection is considered insecure.
--proxy=socksProxyUrl SOCKS URL to proxy all traffic.

Note: SOCKS4, SOCKS5, SOCKS4a, SOCKS5h are currently supported. By default, if you specify SOCKS://<URL> , then SOCKS5h is applied.
--api=clusterUrl (Deprecated). Set the API endpoint domain. For VPC, use --api https://private-domain.neuralegion.com

Default: --api https://app.neuralegion.com

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