Checking Scan Status

nexploit-cli scan:polling [options] <scan> configures ongoing polling of a scan status and helps you follow its progress during CI/CD flows.

After a scan launches, it frequently checks the scan status. If the scan finds at least of one issue of medium severity, Bright CLI finishes with exit code 50.


Argument Description
<scan> The ID of an existing scan that you want to check.


Option Description
The unique identifier used to authenticate a user. The token (API key) can be issued in your organization’s dashboard.
--breakpoint=any/ medium_issue/high_issue,
A conditional breakpoint that finishes the process with exit code 50 only after fulfilling the predefined condition. The breakpoint option allows you to follow the fail-fast principle when polling the scan results.

Default: --breakpoint any
--interval=milliseconds The period of time between the end of a timeout period or the completion of a scan status request, and the next request for status. For example, 60, 2min, 10h or 7d. A numeric value is interpreted in milliseconds.

Default: --interval 5000
--timeout=milliseconds The maximum time allowed for polling to end normally. For example, 60, 2min, 10h or 7d. A numeric value is interpreted in milliseconds.
--config=pathToConfig Specifies the path to the configuration file. By default, the CLI tries to discover the config in package.json in the root directory of your application or a separate file by a specified name in the working directory. For details, see Configuration Files for more information.
Allows setting the level of logs to report. Any logs of a higher level than the one specified are shown. The options to select : 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, "silent", "error", "warn", "notice", "verbose".

Default: 3
--cluster NeuraLegion cluster (domain name).

--insecure Allows the Bright CLI to proceed and operate even if the server connection is considered insecure.
--proxy=socksProxyUrl SOCKS URL to proxy all traffic.

Note: SOCKS4, SOCKS5, SOCKS4a, SOCKS5h are currently supported. By default, if you specify SOCKS://<URL> , then SOCKS5h is applied.
--api=clusterUrl (Deprecated). Set the API endpoint domain, for VPC, use: --api

Default: --api

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