Prerequisites before installation

Get a Bright API Key

To get started with Bright CLI, you'll need an API key. Here's how to create and save one:

  1. Create a Bright API key by following our documentation on creating a user key.
  2. Ensure you select the following scopes: bot, repeaters:write, and repeaters:read.
  3. Save the API key securely.

Obtain a Repeater ID

If you don't have a Repeater yet, сreate a new one:

  1. Open the REPEATERS tab.
  2. Click Create repeater.
  3. Fill in the repeater name, associate it with projects if needed, and press Create.
  4. Open the menu of the created Repeater.
  5. Select Copy repeater ID.

If you've already created a repeater, you'll need its ID. Here's how to copy it:

  1. Open the REPEATERS tab.
  2. Click on an existing Repeater and open the menu.
  3. Select Copy repeater ID.



To make it in a more easy way with help of Wizard, follow this link.

What’s Next

Now select the suitable deployment option from the following: