Integrating with an On-Premise Ticketing Service

nexploit-cli integration [options] is a command that connects Bright with a ticketing service deployed on a local server (currently only the On-Premise Jira is supported). The repositories of the connected service can then be integrated with the Bright projects to be used as endpoints for scan reports (details of detected security vulnerabilities).

For more information about the integration capabilities, see Ticketing Integrations.

Script Example

nexploit-cli integration --access-key $INTEGRATION_ACCESS_KEY --base-url --user $USERNAME --password $PASSWORD --token $API_TOKEN



  • Sample variables are marked with a $. You must substitute them for your real values.
  • If your Jira username or password includes any special characters (for example, "pa$$word"), enclose the entire username or password in single quotes.


Option Description
--cluster Bright cluster (domain name).

--access-key=integrationKey The unique identifier generated in the Jira integration config dialog box in the Bright app.
Required to authorize NeuraLegion in the On-Premise Jira (local Jira Server).
--type=jira Integration service type (currently only JIRA is supported).
--base-url=serviceUrl Base URL to the Jira instance API.
--user=serviceUserName Your username for a local Jira Server or email for the Atlassian Jira Cloud.
--password=serviceUserPassword Your password for a local Jira Server or Jira API token for the Atlassian Jira Cloud.
Bright organization API key or personal API key with the bot scope.
The botscope enables connection between Nexploit and the Nexploit CLI.
Runs the integration in a daemon mode.
--config=pathToConfig Specifies the path to the configuration file. By default, the CLI tries to discover the configuration in package.json in the root directory of your application or a separate file by a specified name in the working directory. For details, see Configuration Files for more information.
Allows setting a level of logs for reports. Bright will only show the logs of a level higher than the one specified. The options to select : 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, "silent", "error", "warn", "notice", "verbose".

Default: 3
--insecure Allows the Bright CLI to continue working even if the server connection is considered insecure.
--proxy=socksProxyUrl SOCKS URL to proxy all traffic.

Note: SOCKS4, SOCKS5, SOCKS4a, SOCKS5h are currently supported. By default, if you specify SOCKS://<URL> , then SOCKS5h is applied.
--bus=eventBusUrl (Deprecated). Bright event bus URL.

Default:--bus amqps://

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