Windows Installer (MSI)

"Unknown Publisher" or "Unrecognized App" when attempting to run Bright CLI Installer on Windows

You might encounter a warning when trying to launch Bright CLI Installer. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen might stop an app it doesn't recognize from running.

To fix this, you can try these solutions:

  1. Click the Run anyway button on the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen warning screen.
  2. Go to the file's properties and check the box that says Unblock.

"Uncommonly Downloaded" warning when attempting to download Bright CLI Installer in Chrome

When you try to download and run Bright CLI Installer that hasn't been officially verified, specific web browsers might alert you with a warning saying Uncommonly Downloaded.

The file is blocked once it’s downloaded, and you see a “Discard” button next to it on the Downloads bar. Click the dropdown arrow next to it and select the “Keep” option. This will save the file to your local disk.