Docker installation

Requirements: Docker 20+. A preconfigured Repeater Docker version is available on our Docker hub.



There is a temporary issue when apps started from the Docker containers don't have access to ports of the physical PC where the Docker is started. So as a result the “CONNECTION_ERR” message appears because the Repeater is trying to link by the virtual port, where are no started apps.

There are two ways to interact with the Repeater, started from the Docker container, or started on the local machine:

  • The target app is running in a Docker container
    In this way, an extra parameter --network host should be added. The whole command for launching the dockerized Repeater should be:
    docker run -it --network host neuralegion/repeater repeater --id YOUR_REPEATER_ID --token YOUR_TOKEN --cluster YOUR_CLUSTER.
  • The target app is running on a physical port of the local machine outside the Docker container
    To avoid this situation, use thehttp://host.docker.internal target URL Instead of specifying http://localhost.