Baseline Values

This feature enhanced accuracy by replacing our heuristic value approximations with predefined values. This addresses situations where our estimations may not have been entirely precise. Additionally, this feature is designed to accommodate cases where a valid value, such as a functional username, is needed for the entrypoint. These enhancements aim to bolster the reliability and effectiveness of the system.

Create new parameters manually



Bright supports complex objects, but doesn’t verify the validity of the content.

To create a new baseline parameter manually, do the following:

  1. To open a baseline values setting, go to Project Settings and then scroll down to the Baseline Parameters section.
  2. Click +Add parameter button
  1. In a popup window, put a name and provide a value.
  1. Click Save to complete the process.

Import new parameters

To import new parameters, do the following:

  1. click the Import button in the Baseline Parameters section.
  1. In a popup window, provide a file and click Import. To overwrite existing parameter values, turn on the following option.
  1. Use this example to provide your data to the system:

    "key": "test name",
    "value": "bright"
    "key": "hello",
    "value": "world"
  2. Click Import to start to complete the process.

Managing existing parameters

Use button to manage an existing baseline parameter. Using this menu, you can Edit, Copy value, or Delete a parameter.

Export existing parameters

To export existing parameters, click the Export button:

Existing baseline parameters will be exported as a JSON file.