These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v1.2.

Managing Personal Account

The user settings enable you to configure your personal account

Accessing your personal account

To access your personal account, click in the upper-right corner of the Scans page, and then select User Settings.

On the User Settings page, you can change your personal settings and preferences.

Editing your name

To edit your name, in the PROFILE section, enter your first and last names and click Save.

Setting a password

If your account has been created via SSO or Social Login, you can create a password to enable direct login to the Bright App. To set a new password or change the existing one, follow these steps:

  1. In the lower-right corner of the PROFILE section, click Set password.
    Bright sends you an email with further instructions.

  1. Follow the instructions provided in the email.

Enabling 2FA for your account

To enable 2FA for your account, follow these steps:

  1. In the TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION section, click Set up using an app.
  2. Follow the displayed instructions.
  3. After you finish, paste the provided authentication code in to the text box at the bottom of the dialog box and click Enable.

Disabling 2FA

To disable 2FA for your account, in the TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION section, click Disable.



A user cannot disable their own 2FA policy if an organization-wide 2FA policy is set.

Changing 2FA device

To change the 2FA device, follow these steps:

  1. In the TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION section, click Change using an app.
  1. Follow the displayed instructions.
  2. After you finish, paste your authentication code in to the text box at the bottom of the dialog box and click Enable.

Setting date and time

All your activity in the Bright app, scan runs and details are time-bound. That is why to ensure proper management of the activity log and scans history, you need to verify the date and time settings.

The current date and time are shown at the top of the DATE SETTINGS section. To change the time and date formats, follow these steps:

  1. From the Time Zone dropdown list, select your time zone.
  2. From the Date Format dropdown list, select the format for date indication.
  3. Select the first day of the week and the time format using the relative buttons.

Setting your notification preferences

You can define the events related to a certain object type that will be posted in your feed (activity log). Bright also allows you to select the types of events you will be notified about via email as well as to deny some specific warnings.

To enable or disable such event notifications, you simply need to select or clear the relative check boxes in the FEED SETTINGS, EMAIL NOTIFICATION SETTINGS and CONSENTS sections. After you complete the selection, click Save.


  • subject - user
  • object type - object
  • verb - an action that the “subject“ perform against the “object“

List of all objects and their actions:

  • comment:
    • create
  • file
    • remove
    • upload
  • issue
    • close
    • open
    • reopen
  • organization
    • create
    • remove
  • payment method
    • create
    • remove
  • repeater
    • deactivate
    • fail
    • stop
  • scan
    • disrupt
    • fail
    • finish
    • remove
    • schedule
    • start
    • stop
  • subscription
    • remove
    • subscribe
    • unsubscribe
    • update
  • user
    • assign
    • create
    • remove
    • unassign

Managing your user API keys (authentication tokens)

You will need an authentication token (API key) to enable some Bright operations and integrations. You can create a user API key on your User Settings page.

To learn more about creating a user API key, see this article.