These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v1.2.

In addition to the default Free plan, Bright provides chargeable subscriptions that feature advanced management and scanning capabilities. For instance, Free plan does not allow you to assign different roles to the members of your organization, enable SSO integration, export detailed scan reports, and create organization API keys. But you are able to get this functionality along with other advanced options by subscribing to Enterprise Plan.

The plan price depends on the scanning capabilities and the following key options:

  • Number of scanning hours
  • Number of users that can run scans within the subscribed organization

The payment for the Enterprise Plan subscription is performed directly in the Bright app. Depending on the subscription period you select (monthly, annually), Bright will automatically charge the plan price from the provided credit card until you unsubscribe, upgrade to another plan, or your card expires.

When moving from one plan to another, you are able to apply a discount coupon, which may be published on our website from time to time.



You can add multiple credit cards to the payment information section, but each further automatic payment for the current plan will be charged from the card provided during the initial manual payment; this card is also specified in the Payment Method column of the Payment History table. If you set a default payment method, the selected card will only be used during upgrading the current plan.

After the subscription ends, you will be moved back to our Free plan, and your credit card will no longer be charged.

After each payment, you can download the invoice in PDF format from the payment history.

Getting payment notifications

You are not required to provide a payment card if you subscribe to a plan with a trial period. Upon the completion of this period (for example, 14 days for Enterprise Plan), you will get a notification with the payment instructions.



The number of trial days is common for an organization. If the trial period ends, the organization will not have trial days on other plans.

By default, you have 14 days within which you can pay for prolongation. The prolongation price is calculated from the first day after the trial period ends. If you do not pay for the subscription within 14 after the trial period, you will be moved back to our Free plan.

Bright also sends a notification for other billing events, for example, if your credit is about to expire or has already expired.



The notifications are only visible to the users with the admin, owner and billing manager roles, as well as to all custom roles with the billing access scope. All other users will only get the notifications via the email specified in the Billing Details tab.