These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v1.2.

The Bright Command Line Interface (CLI) is a toolkit designed for ease of use when working with the Bright solutions. Using multiple Bright CLI commands and options, you can have full control over the entire scanning process, take advantage of CI integrations and achieve maximum flexibility for your automation needs.

The Bright CLI provides multiple features:

  • Easy control of the Bright REST API.
  • Repeater mode, which allows the Bright cloud engine to connect to local targets securely, pulling all scan requests as outbound traffic, without exposing the targets to the Internet.
  • Flexible proxy configuration, which allows you to control the CLI requests both internally and externally.
  • Connector to on-premises (local) ticketing services. For example, you can enable the Bright integration with on-premises Jira, for tickets to be automatically opened for each security vulnerability detected.
  • Integration of Bright with your CI pipelines. Please see our guide on integrating Bright with CI pipelines for more information.
  • Running commands from a configuration file. You can run the CLI commands from your console or save them as a JSON, XML, YML, or JavaScript file. Running the CLI from a pre-configured file will simplify further scanning.



If you use a pre-released version of Bright CLI, use nexploit-cli instead of bright-cli, mentioned in the docs.




For more CLI details, see our and pages.