Adding Ticketing Integration to a Project

You can integrate one or multiple repositories (projects, channels) of your ticketing systems with a specific Bright project. Therefore, you are able to select any of the repositories available for the specified Bright project when you start a new scan.



Only the users with the Admin and Owner roles have access to integrate a connected ticketing system with a specific project.


  • Bright is connected to your ticketing systems with the repositories you want to add to a certain project.

Step-by-Step Guide

Configuring the Bright Project Integration

  1. In the TICKET MANAGEMENT INTEGRATION section, click next to the ticketing system you need, and then select Project Settings.
  1. In the Projects Integration Config dialog box, do the following:
  • In the Project field, enter or select the Bright project that you want to use for the scan.



You can start a scan only if a project is selected. If you do not have any projects in the Bright app, select the Default one.

  • From the Associate repository… dropdown list, select the repository (project, channel) that you want to use for the scan results within the specified project.
    The selected repository is automatically added to the REPOSITORIES list below. You can add multiple repositories (boards) to this list.
    • To arrange the associated repositories in alphabetical order, hover-over Name and click next to it.
    • To make the repositories order free again, hover-over Name and click next to it.
    • To delete a repository from the list, click next to the repository and select Disassociate.
    • To quickly select the required repository from the list, use the Find a repository search field.
    • To select the number of associated repositories that you can view on one REPOSITORIES page, use the Items per page dropdown list.
    • To switch between the REPOSITORIES pages, use the navigation buttons above Close.
  1. Once you complete the projects integration configuration, click Close at the bottom of the dialog box.
    The associated repositories will be displayed in the TICKETING SETTINGS section on the Project Settings page.

Filtering the Severity Level of Issues to be Opened in the Integrated Services

You can select a certain severity level of issues (findings) to be sent to a repository/channel associated with your Bright project. For example, if you set the high severity level for the GitHub integration, then only the detected issues of high severity will be displayed in your GitHub repository.



The option to filter issue severity is only available to the users whose roles include the integrations.repos:manage access scope. For more information, see Manage Access Scopes.

  1. In the left pane, select Projects.
  2. Click next to the project which is integrated with the required ticketing service, and then select Settings.
  3. In the TICKETING SETTINGS section, use the Issue severity drop-down menu to filter the issues that will be sent to the associated repository.

Selecting Repositories for a New Scan

When starting a new scan, you can select one or multiple integrated repositories (projects, channels) that you want to use as destinations for the scan reports within the specified Bright project.

  1. In the Advanced setup mode, select the Scan Details tab.
  1. From the Integrations dropdown list, select the integrated repositories that you want to use for the scan.

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