Release on June 1, 2023

  • Improved activity log - The capabilities of the activity log have been improved: users now have the ability to view the activity of all users in the organization, and can easily filter the data based on the actor. For more information, see Managing Activity Log.
  • Improved Broken Object Level Authorization (BOLA) test - test logic has been changed to improve the scan resiliency.
  • Comment access with personal API-keys - Bright now provides the ability to manage comments using personal API-keys.

Known Issues

  • Windows narrator repeats the title of items from dropdown lists 3 times. - Bug on Google Material side (to be fixed in the next updates): In a number of dropdown lists, the Windows narrator repeats list items 3 times instead of voicing them only once.

Authentication-Related Issues

  • Error when creating recorded browser-based authentication with Chrome record made starting from an empty tab: When creating a record in Chrome starting from an empty tab and then creating recorded browser-based authentication using the created record, the user gets the following error: The actual URL (chrome-error://chromewebdata/) doesn't match up to the specified validation URL (chrome://YOUR_PAGE), please make sure the URL is correct or record again with the correct configuration.
  • Recording created with Google Chrome recorder is not replayed with the Evaluation failed error. When replaying the recording, an error appears: Evaluation failed. TypeError: Failed to execute ‘observe’ on ‘IntersectionObserver’: parameter 1 is not type ‘Element’… For details, see Troubleshooting Authentication Issues.