Release on 10 August, 2023

  • Self-serve Connectivity tool - The Response tab within the Entrypoint Summary page now features a connectivity issue indicator, along with details regarding potential causes and solutions.
  • Enhanced Notification for Entrypoint Editor - A new notification has been integrated into the Entrypoint Editor, appearing whenever there's invalid syntax detected in the Request Body field.
  • New Tests Available - iFrame injection, Prompt injection
  • Rerun Discovery from the History tab - The option to quick Discovery rerun without adjusting the settings is now available.
  • Updated PDF reports - The Discovered Entrypoints section has been added to the PDF reports for enhanced content.

Known Issues

  • Windows narrator repeats the title of items from dropdown lists 3 times. - Bug on Google Material side (to be fixed in the next updates): In a number of dropdown lists, the Windows narrator repeats list items 3 times instead of voicing them only once.

Authentication-Related Issues

  • Error when creating recorded browser-based authentication with Chrome record made starting from an empty tab: When creating a record in Chrome starting from an empty tab and then creating recorded browser-based authentication using the created record, the user gets the following error: The actual URL (chrome-error://chromewebdata/) doesn't match up to the specified validation URL (chrome://YOUR_PAGE), please make sure the URL is correct or record again with the correct configuration.
  • Recording created with Google Chrome recorder is not replayed with the Evaluation failed error. When replaying the recording, an error appears: Evaluation failed. TypeError: Failed to execute ‘observe’ on ‘IntersectionObserver’: parameter 1 is not type ‘Element’… For details, see Troubleshooting Authentication Issues.